Sports Spandex

Spandexs sport and men's swimwear choices.

Since men have been changing to wearing spandex style swimsuits rather than those baggy board shorts and surf shorts a large range of styles and designs have exploded onto the swimwear scene. Many men including ones that used to default to wearing Speedos have made the switch to bikinis in all shapes and sizes. Bikinis range from full back full front coverage style bikinis, to sports spandex Brazilian style bikinis, narrow front bikinis, micro bikinis, micro front and rear cut bikinis, sheer and semi sheer bikinis, string bikinis, male to female transformation bikini, male enhancement bikinis and more. There is a perfect bikini for you and as you might of guessed there are many bikinis that might be perfect and that is why men who love wearing these hot skimpy swimsuits generally have a nice collection of designs. No matter what your body shape is or how small or large your equipment may be there is a bikini that will make you look awesome. I love seeing women of all shapes and sizes wearing bikinis it is a total turn-on for me they just need to make sure they are trimmed up or shaved down there so everything looks clean and beautiful. No hair blocking the sight lines is a key to a great look and this goes for men too. Most men who are into wearing sexy spandex swimwear know to shave, trim of get a full wax. Yes ladies we are learning from you and based upon how many men you see wearing hot bikinis at the beach with growing numbers every season this is a trend that is here to stay.

Sports Spandex

Sports Spandex

Bold styles for bold men.

The sports spandex phenomenon is in full swing. Men are changing away from wearing baggy style swimsuits, baggy style shorts and baggy style workout pants to form fitting skin tight beautiful sports spandex fashions. Spandex tights for men are becoming mainstream workout wear. It used to be men would wear shorts over their tights but when you think about it that looks funny. Just take one look at any girl wearing spandex tights and see how sleek and sexy they look and the answer is crystal clear, men should not be wearing anything over their tights and that is exactly what is happening. Go to any busy gym and you will now see lots of men wearing spandex tights without shorts and many times without underwear Most girls go sans undies or wear G-strings or thongs. Man have the same option and many just go without, in fact many of the spandex sport men's tights are made to be used without wearing underwear.

Spandex swimwear, workout wear and fun wear for men.

One of the most interesting sports spandex new products are the pouch only suits. they can be used as great support underwear but are designed to be the worlds most extreme swimwear designs. I love wearing them under pants when I go horseback riding. They feel great, look sexy and keep my equipment from getting to ruffed up!

Sports Spandex Outfits

Sports spandex outfits are more in demand today than they ever have been. Just think about it. Outfits created from spandex and used in sports are sold all over the world. All men’s specialty shops sell sports items made from spandex. These include bicycle shorts, workout clothes, and swimsuits. Nothing can surpass sports clothes made from spandex. This remarkable fabric is almost like wearing nothing at all. Wearers of spandex items claim that it fits like bodies like a second skin, therefore, feeling as if you are nude. Spandex molds to your body and breathes with your skin. Depending on the color of the spandex outfit you choose, it can look as if you are really wandering around wearing nothing at all. You can typically find these spandex clothes that you need at a price you can afford. This is especially true if you run into any sales.